Customer Testimonials

We’re convinced that Patriot Truck Leasing is great, but don’t take our word for it.

Here’s what our customers have said:

“We have drawn more attention to our storefront and increased our carryout traffic, bringing about an increase in sales.”

Ted Meyers
Domino’s Pizza

“Patriot Truck is a unique and effective way to advertise to potential customers showing our great promotions which will bring them into our stores.”

Anthony Salvatico

“Patriot Truck Leasing is a great fit for our need and the service has been impeccable. We are a church that meets in a Sunday-only space. So we store our entire church in the 17ft box truck and then drive it to the location each week. My experiences have always been positive.”

Owen Barrow
Cary, NC

“I researched a lot of different advertising, I decided to get a Patriot Truck because of the price and the effectiveness, I’ve found over the years that you have to name-brand your business to draw in customers. My Patriot Truck has done that for me.”

Paul Gilbert
Masterbend Automotive

“After I put my truck near the road, business has increased around 25% from last month to this month. That is huge considering the low cost of the truck.”

Christian Thrash

“I leased one of your trucks for over 2 years and it was beyond helpful. I was able to keep my stuff with me and not load and unload multiple time.Your staff was always professional, courteous and followed through with every promise you made. It was truly a pleasure doing business with Patriot Trucking Leasing.”

Tom W.
Cathedral City, CA