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Mobile Storage

Market Your Business

with Our Repurposed Moving Trucks

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Mobile Storage

with Our Locally Leased Trucks

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Welcome to Patriot Truck Leasing,

The ONLY provider of trucks designed to be used for Storage and Branding.

Whether you are looking to help brand your business or keep a truck on-site for a home storage, Patriot Truck Leasing is proud to be the only company that is able to provide you with a truck that can be rented out for longer terms AND allows you a reserve of miles to use! Please select one of the options above to explore each one of our programs in more depth. Thank you!

Patriot Trucks Are

Repurposed For Reuse

Patriot Truck Leasing was founded on the sustainable principle of reuse. Patriot partnered with U-Haul® over ten years ago to work alongside them and repurpose their for-sale fleet to offer a truly sustainable product.

Patriot Box Trucks for Lease