If you've done any shopping around, you know that a major advantage of Patriot Truck Leasing is the price. Our monthly leasing starts at just $279.95 per month. That's much less than billboards, outdoor signage, or even ads in the Sunday paper!

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Based on top 100 markets in the U.S.
Source: SQAD 2005, Media Dynamics, Inc

In fact, according to a report by SQAD, it costs (on average) $24.95 for every 1000 impressions for a newspaper ad. Television is $18.66, and radio is $10.85. A billboard will cost $3.59 per 1000 impressions. With Patriot Truck Leasing, the cost is less than one dollar.


One thing you don't get with other forms of outdoor advertising is storage space. With our trucks, simply secure a padlock on the back door and safely store anything from excess inventory, to empty boxes, to financial documents!


Every truck is licensed, insured and maintained at no additional cost to you. When we drop off your truck, you get the keys! We allow you to move the truck anytime you want, and we will work with you to determine a mileage allotment to suit your needs.

Design Tips

We have found that truck graphics that follow these basic principles are more effective.

Keep text to a minimum

Your truck needs to communicate and provide necessary information with concise, to-the-point text. Effective trucks will showcase your logo, business name and/or contact information in large type, for example "$10 per month" or "join now" or "we're open".

Use contrasting colors

To increase the readability of your ads, it is a good idea to make the text color contrast greatly with the background color. Ex: white text on a black background or black text on yellow.

Supply high-quality files

To make your ads look their best, we highly recommend that you send us the original vector (.eps or .ai - Adobe Illustrator) files for your logo and high resolution image (300 dpi .tif, jpg, png, or psd - Photoshop) files. This will keep your logo and pictures looking sharp and professional.

More information about

Truck Placement

Visualize where you will park your truck. What location will create the most attention and most impressions from passersby? We suggest parking your truck near your business where you can maximize your exposure and create more call traffic and customer entry. We recommend that you consider areas near high traffic intersections. The more people that who see your truck, the more revenue you will generate. To achieve maximum visibility make sure the two sides are visible to the direction of your greatest audience or potential customers - east, west, north, or south. Facing the rear door to the street might accomplish this goal.

Your truck will generate a lot of attention, so please consider the safety of those driving by when choosing where to park your truck. Do not obstruct the view of entrances, exits, traffic signs, or signals. Be courteous to other business owners in your shopping center by keeping your truck from blocking their storefronts and signage.

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