Free up your valuable retail space

Looking for mobile on-site storage space? Our trucks come in four different sizes with different storage capacities. From on-site storage units on wheels to huge mobile warehouses, with prices starting at $279.95 a month, we have precisely what you need.

Suggested Uses

Our customers have used their trucks to store just about anything you can think of. Here's a short list of what our trucks can be used to store, but feel free to get creative with your own application!

  • Excess Inventory
  • Documents
  • Construction equipment
  • Extra holiday inventory
  • Garage clutter
  • Flowers
  • Home renovation


Our competitors will charge you every time you need to move your storage unit. With Patriot, you can move your truck whenever you want with no pick up or drop off fees. Every truck is licensed, insured and maintained. We deliver your truck; you get the keys.


Leasing a truck with Patriot is all about freedom. You get a truck in the size you want. You can even place an ad on the side of it (or not). You can move the truck whenever or wherever you need to, as often (or as little) as you want.

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